Health Information Center was founded taking measures to maintain and promote  the public health, spiritual – ethical education of the youth by the Order No 76 of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan of 1 April, 2000, that was the start of the operation in the country of the new service of the preventive trend. Health Information Center is the institution which is the immediate place of the realization of the different forms of the health education and plays a role of the main basis for the organization and management of the community health.  The Center consists of three departments: the healthy life-style department, the disease prevention department and the press department.


The formation of the healthy life-style of the population of Turkmenistan through the increasing of the medical and sanitary level of the population and holding of the health promotion program which provides maintenance and promotion of health, increasing of the working ability and active longevity on the basis of the “Health” program and the strategy of Socio-Economic Development for the period of up to 2020.


Healthy nutrition

Physical activity

Prevention of  tobacco smoking

Prevention of  alcoholism

Prevention of  use of drugs and psychoactive substances

Prevention of  infectious and noninfectious diseases

Prevention of  STI, HIV/AIDS

Reproductive health

Prevention of  diseases and promotion of health in the first medical level


The  healthy life-style department

The disease prevention department

 The press department

   - The weekly television program  “Public health is a wealth of the country” is filmed  in the mini studio.

The  healthy life-style department

The main goal of the healthy life-style department is the popularization of the healthy life-style and education of the  coming generation and youth in the spirit of the national traditions, free from the harmful habits, on the basis of the “Health” State Program. Promoting of the community health in a form of the lectures, round-table discussions, publications in press, conferences, informational and educational actions in schools and summer camps, in the higher educational institutions, among the schoolchildren and students.

The disease prevention department:

This department is one of the key deparments; its activity is directed to the arrangement, maintenance and improvement of the prophylactic field of medicine. For this purpose the employees of the department communicate with the heads of all medioprophilactic institutions for organization of the community health and provision of the methodic and consultative assistance to the medical personnel. The registration-report documentation  developed by the department allows following and assessing the quantity and quality of the held events. The main task of this department is the community health which presents a complex of the educational, training, advocacy measures oriented to the promotion of the healthy life-style, prevention of diseases, maintenance of promotion of health, increase of the people’s ability to work, extension of their active life, conducting of the informational and educational actions, development and distribution of the visual information, work with population employed at the factories, plants, holding of the round-table discussions, conferences.

The control over the community health of the medical personnel:

Continuous propaganda of the healthy life-style

Conducting of the lectures, round-table discussions, publications in press, conferences, wallpapers issue

Exhibitions and health corners – wide use of visual materials.

Department of press:

It works with mass media on publication of the articles of the medical personnel in the newspapers, radio and TV messages on daily basis.

Mini studio:

The weekly television program “Public health is a wealth of the country”  is filmed in the mini studio; in this program the doctors answer the televiewers’ letters, give advices and give information about the  innovations in the public health. The goal of the television program is the formation of the citizen’s responsibility for their health and health of their relatives, motivation to give up the harmful habits, maintenance and promotion of health, including advices on the healthy diet, physical activity and doing sports, wake-sleep schedule, conditions of life, labour (study) and rest, as well as work on all prophylactic programs.